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Moki's Page

this was my add at the adoption site at the HRS

Hi, I'm Moki. Nobody really knows my age, but I'm pretty sure it was someday in December 2000 when I was born. I don't remember the time after that. Well, I do remember that my brother Loki and I somehow got to the "Human Society of Santa Clara Valley", Santa Clara, California. But nobody wanted to adopt us there. So we moved to the "House Rabbit Society" in Richmond, CA, June 24th, 2001. And there I was, waiting for almost 3 months. A lot of people were coming and going. But nobody took us or one of us home. I didn't get along with my brother very well, so we lived in different habitats.

Finally, the big day arrived September 24th, 2001. I was put in the corridor with a little dwarf. Well, we didn't know what else to do, so we sniffed a little at each other and hopped around for a while. It wasn't that bad at all. So after a while I decided to go home with them. Beth, from the HRS, gave my new family lots of good advices, and also a little bit of the pellets I used to eat and some hay. Thanks Beth! And off we went.

I really liked my new place, except for one thing: Mike!! I don't like him! We tried it for 3 months, but it didn't work. That's why Mike got a bunny girl; Luzie, she is also from the HRS. Mike and Luzie get along pretty good. And I was next in line for a girlfriend. So when the big day finally arrived I picked out Libby, a little black cutie. You'll find out more about her on her site.

My nicknames:

  • Schäfchen: that's the German nickname for a baby sheep - very funny!!
  • DickNick: from the German "DICKer NICKel", what means "big bunny"
  • Donkey: 'cause I look like the donkey in "Shrek"
  • Scary movie: because I get scared very easily, and then I have my eyes wide open, and it looks like I'm watching a scary movie

  • Why do they always call me "Schaefchen"?
    (that's the German nickname for a baby sheep)

    great tunnel

    under the christmas tree

    but my favourite place is under the chair

    that's my brother Loki,
    he also got adopted by a nice family